Pick Your Own Fruit

Pick your own fruit at Caldicott's Nursery

Summer time = Pick your own fruit time!

What could taste better than fresh picked juicy strawberries straight from the field?

How about raspberries?

Blackcurrants or Redcurrants for making jam?

Tayberries, Blackberries or Gooseberries for making desserts or just eating raw?

Throughout the year we sell home grown tomatoes and cucumbers (from late May to November). Both taste and size are far superior to anything you'll ever buy in a supermarket! Try them and find out.

Fresh picked fruit is so much tastier than anything bought in a shop. Fancy an outdoor day out with lots of fresh fruit, plants and good things to eat?

Call us now ( 0121-705-3168  /  0121-705-1747 ) to see what is ripening at the moment - each year is a little different from every other year.

We are around one mile from Solihull town centre. Widney Manor Station is only 500m from us.

What fruit is available for Pick Your Own Fruit?

The fruit picking season is normally in full swing by June. But please do check for seasonal availability on our Twitter feed @pyoSolihull (or call us) because the fruit ripening usually depends on the weather (not something we can control!)

Sorted by month:

April: Rhubarb
May: First Gooseberries and Cucumbers
Early June: Tomatoes
Mid June-July: Outdoor strawberries (4 different varietes), raspberries, gooseberries, black currants, red currants, tayberries, blackberries
August: Autumn raspberries, blackberries, apples
September-October: Raspberries and apples, plums

Sorted by fruit:

Strawberries: Mid June to early July is often the peak period - think just before the tennis at Wimbledon starts!
Raspberries: start shortly after the strawberries but go on longer, into August.
Gooseberries: (popular for desserts) tend to be quite early, from end of May even.
Blackcurrants and Redcurrant: (jam making, desserts) from June.
Tayberries: are usually from early July.
Blackberries: end of July, August.

How does Pick Your Own Fruit work?

It’s very simple. Just come down and pick! We can provide punnets and baskets. After picking we weigh the fruit and you pay for the weight picked. We have a £5 fruit picking minimum per basket. Typically most people might spend £5-£15, depending on how much fruit is picked.
We only accept cash payments and do not have a card machine.

When is Caldicott's Nursery open for Pick Your Own Fruit?

Open 9:30am - 5:30pm Mon-Sat. Closed Sundays

Open from March to December