Fruit and Veg

Direct Farm Produce near Birmingham - fruit and vegetablesWe offer a range of fruit and vegetables throughout spring, summer and autumn. Buy the following fruit and veg fresh and direct from our farm shop:


Enjoy the taste of soil grown heritage and hybrid tomatoes. Some varieties we have grown are:

  • Purple Russian Heritage Tomato
  • Lemon Heritage Tomato
  • Red Strawberry Heritage Tomato
  • Jelly Bean Hybrid Tomato
  • Rainbow Plum Heritage Tomato
  • Chocolate Cherry Heritage Tomato
  • Alaska Heritage Tomato
  • Yellow Pear Heritage Tomato
  • Antique Roman Heritage Tomato


Large, firm and tasty
Great value

Runner Beans

from around mid-August
Absolutely delicious in season


from around mid-April
great for Rhubarb crumble